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Home With Mom

Ben got to stay home with me today. He mentioned right before swim lessons last night that his ear hurt. I just brushed it off and forgot about it until he started acting agitated and grumpy as we watched a movie before bed. Then Ben proceeded not to sleep all night long. He was very vocal about his ear hurting until about 5 am.

When he woke up at 9, he seemed great. He said his ear didn’t hurt but felt a little stuffy. I had already decided to keep him home from school due to the lack of sleep. I feared an ear infection, but with four kids, we’ve only had one ear infection so I don’t know a lot about them. I called the doctor to see if they thought I should bring him in and they said yes. We had time for breakfast and Ben wanted to make donuts, so we did.

The doctor told me she was very surprised to see an actual infection. She had anticipated fluid or redness. We got medicine and spent the rest of the day doing fun things like the grocery and a very long nap for me.

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