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Soccer, Soccer, And A Volcano

Today’s agenda was rather light. Ben and his last soccer practice from 9-10. They played several mini games and then the kids got their snacks and medals!

We spent the rest of the day doing random things – chores, lunch, raking leaves, playing outside. Thankfully Wade happened to mention Kaitlyn’s soccer game or I would have completely forgotten to take her. We made it just in time and Kaitlyn played the best game of the season. She scored two games and hustled like I haven’t seen all season. It was so fun to watch! Even better was at the end of the game the team chose her to win the hustle ball!

Right before bed, Ben and Kaitlyn worked together to gather all the supplies to make their own volcanoes. Ben has a volcano and earthquake book from the library and we have been reading it the last few days. He got so excited when he found the page detailing how to make a volcano. The kids loved the reaction so much the first time that we repeated it over and over.

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