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Hip Hop, It’s Easter.

The morning starting extra early for Ben and I. He woke up at 5:30 saying his ear hurt. A cup of water seemed to help and he thankfully went back to sleep. Then the morning started a second time with two tired big boys and two excited little kids. We let everyone explore their Easter baskets for as long as we could before we started the mad dash to get ready for church.

As I put Ben in the shower, he started crying again and complaining about his ear. At this point, Wade and I readjusted our morning plans. He would meet his parents at church with three kids. I would find a Ready-care open and make sure Ben and his ears were ready to fly with Wade’s parents tomorrow to Memphis.

It took 4 ready-care facilities (that all had “open” listed on their websites) before I finally found one. The doctor was awesome. Ben had a the beginnings of an ear infection and left with a prescription. We headed home to cook Easter lunch.

After lunch we finally let the kids gather up the eggs in the yard. It rained most of last night and we had been waiting for everything to dry off and for it to warm up!

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