Alex / Grafton - Oak / Toadfrogs

A Little Secret

So here’s a little secret (and one day I will tell Alex). When we moved into this house, I was going through lots of closets and boxes and drawers to move everything to this house. I came across the boys’ old Pokemon binder. I hated Pokemon cards. They were always everywhere – backpacks, the kitchen counter, under the bed, in the closet, and sometimes in the binder. Initially, I would gather them up and give them back to the boys, but they rarely seemed to care about individual cards. I got where I would just throw them away when I found them. No one every came to me looking for a lost card. When I found the binder in our move to the new house, I tossed it. Nobody missed it for almost a year. Then suddenly Pokemon became popular again and the boys started asking about their old cards. I played dumb and let them look all around the house, the attic, the barn, their rooms, etc. Then we all agreed the cards must have gotten lost somewhere in the move. Alex in particular was caught up in the trend and bought some cards with his money and added a bunch to his list for Christmas. Now we are back on the Pokemon bandwagon and trading at school…

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