Kaitlyn / Ben / Toadfrogs

Sports Filled Afternoon

Tuesdays are always a crazy day for us. Kaitlyn gets off the bus and rushes to get ready for ski lessons. We pack a snack for her and Ben, and drive to pick Ben up from school. Then we drive straight to Ski Ward for the kids’ ski lessons. Ben got to try the t-bar for the first time and Kaitlyn has officially graduated to the chair lift.

Then we rush home for dinner before everybody runs out the door. The bigs and Wade have handbell practice at church. The littles have swim lessons (which is 30 minutes away).

While the kids were swimming, I spent some time at the front desk trying to arrange some makeup lessons. Then I returned to my seat to watch and realized Ben was being given a swim evaluation to move up to the next level (he passed). As I was walking in to get the kids, I was told Kaitlyn had also passed an evaluation and moved up a level. I was proud of my kids! They have never both moved up a level in the same day, but that also means all my work scheduling makeup lessons had to be redone because they were now in new levels. (Kaitlyn actually graduated from lessons and is joining the swim team. We are going to try it out next week to see if she wants to commit.)

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