Kaitlyn / Toadfrogs

Pumpkin Lab

Today was Pumpkin Lab day. Kaitlyn’s teacher had sent home a signup sheet weeks ago asking for donations and volunteers. I was happy to do both and ended up both volunteering and signing up to bring 2 pumpkins, and multiple sets of dumbbells. I did not think through the logistics of getting all the donations to the classroom. I’m sure I was quite the site walking into school – I had a backpack with 16 pounds of dumbbells and was carrying 2 pumpkins in my hands! I made it to the classroom and got setup with my four students. (Thankfully I had done this lab a few years ago with Teague.)

The kids were pretty easy to keep on task. Some of them enjoyed measuring and counting. Some of them enjoyed cleaning out the inside (others hated it – Kaitlyn). All four of them wanted to carve the pumpkins so we compromised and worked out 2 designs and carved two sides.

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