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Skiing School

I decided this was the year of winter sports, but I decided a little too late to get all the kids into weekly ski school. Teague was the only one I could get into the weekly lessons. He loved skiing from day one. All of the other kids I tried to sign up for ski school the week of February break (MWF). There were openings for Alex and Teague in regular ski school but Kaitlyn and Ben’s only option were semi-private lessons on Wednesday and Friday.

Alex had a rough first day on Monday. Evidently his instructor was not the best, but he wasn’t overly discouraged. Today I was excited to finally get everyone on the slopes and actually get to watch. The only crazy part is the temperature. It is over 60 degrees today…

To summarize: Alex finally got the hang of the pizza slice. Teague was flying down the hill with his group immediately. Kaitlyn loved skiing. Ben hated it and wanted to go home. (I think the late start time, the lack of lunch, and the heavy equipment stacked the odds against him.)

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