Pushing Limits

Electronics in our house drive me crazy. Some of my kids follow the rules without question. Some of my kids question and test those limits daily, which is why we have as many restrictions/lockdowns in place as possible. It takes all of the responsibility off me and the kids and just leaves the rules in place. The hardest device to set limits on is the Nintendo switch simply because it has a minimum daily limit of 15 minutes.

This has never been an issue before. We leave it at 15 and raise it if one of the kids decides to use their time on that particular device.

Now comes the funny part. I was changing sheets the other day and found a Nintendo switch in one of the boy’s pillowcases. That’s a little weird as they are not used often and are supposed to be stored in the electronic’s bin in my office. I decided to check the usage history on my phone thinking we had forgotten to reset it and one of them might be using it after bedtime if we had left it at several hours. Nope. Someone just decided to take full advantage of that 15 minutes and wanted to make sure they got every drop of electronics time a day that they possibly could….

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