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Christmas Is Here

The big kids managed to wait in their beds for us all to gather at the top of the stairs. I tried to get a picture of them going down the stairs, but they were much too fast for me. Christmas morning was a rush of craziness, but so much little kid joy! (And face paint. Did I mention there was face paint? That ended up being one of Kaitlyn’s number one requests from Santa.)

Judy, Jerry, and Emily joined us later in the morning for Christmas breakfast and then later that day we had gifts and stockings. I was so impressed that Judy brought her stockings (but when you have hand-made every single family member stockings they must be used!!). Jerry put his amazing woodworking skills to practice and made the neatest trees this year. Teague ended up with the “poop” last year and was so excited to give it to Wade this year. (I’m more impressed it made it has made it through all our crazy moves.) That is a wrap on Christmas. Granny and Pop read books to the kids and it was lights out on some tired kiddos.

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