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Tree Trimming

Today we tackled decorating the tree. This used to be one of my family traditions, but this year it was chaos. Everyone wanted to help and I couldn’t keep little hands under control. Here’s hoping things calm down a little in years to come (and while everyone still wants to help!) Ben was fascinated with the lights and then wanted to do what the big kids were doing. Kaitlyn was very demanding in checking out each ornament and trying to help determine perfect placement. Alex just wanted all the ornaments up on the tree. Teague helped with a few ornaments and then quickly grew bored. Then I also love the finished product – lots of ornaments on the bottom and few on the top. There are usually odd clumps in certain places and multiple ornaments per branch. Kaitlyn is at an age where she remembers where she puts ornaments and is offended if I move them later. Memories….

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