Grafton - North / Kaitlyn / Wade / Toadfrogs


I always remember Sunday mornings getting ready for church being a little hectic as I was growing up. I’m always somewhat surprised that it’s just another day at our house that doesn’t require any special effort to get everyone out the door on time. (I’m sure this is due to the fact that our mornings start at 6:30 am) Ben sometimes misses a morning nap, but that happens a couple times a week due to our various activities anyway. Wade’s home so there is an extra pair of hands to make sure Teague’s showers actually end in a timely manner. The boys let me pick out their clothes and I sometimes even remember to do it the night before. A few weeks ago, Wade offered to dry Kaitlyn’s hair for me and that has a been a big help. Some days we actually have extra time before we need to leave!

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