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Hoyt Pool All Day

Wade flew in to spend the weekend with us. (Notice the mustache he has grown – hopefully just for humors sake.) Amber, Nicki, and I had spent part of last night trying to figure out which days worked best for which activities based on the weather. We all decided today would be a great day to visit Hoyt Pool and then return tonight to the Landing for dinner. I haven’t found anything quite like Hoyt in Boston, unfortunately, and I truly miss this kind of place – especially for Kaitlyn and Ben. The kids had a great time. I rarely saw the two big boys. Kaitlyn spent the majority of the time going down the water slide and was annoyed she wasn’t tall enough to go down the big slide. She also “sunbathed” and spent as much time as possible with Glenna and Iris. At dinner she was glued to Abram’s side and he was so sweet and tolerant. It was adorable to watch. Ben was his normal chill self. He played and then napped and then played some more.

Now for one of my favorite parts of summer – and maybe one of my reasons for this trip. (The big boys 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018)

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