Kaitlyn / Wade / Toadfrogs

Dance Recital

Today was Kaitlyn’s dance recital. She has been ready for this day (mostly to wear the pretty outfit) for weeks. Sometime yesterday I had a sinking feeling and realized I had completely forgotten about the rehearsal. We had gotten home from the beach in plenty of time to attend but it hadn’t even hit my radar. Thankfully it didn’t appear to be a big deal and no one even mentioned it this morning when we showed up. Evidently quite a few of the tiny dancers from her class had forgotten or just not attended (whoops). I was a backstage mom so I spent all morning in the back with the girls keeping them entertained and well fed. Wade had all three of our boys out in the audience and evidently it was un-airconditioned. He said it was quite miserable! Thankfully Kaitlyn was on fairly quickly so we also did a quick meet-up in the lobby so that Wade could take the boys home. Kaitlyn had to stay to do the big bow at the end. What a day! I feel like we are getting so close to that elusive thing called summer and no schedules or activities.

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