My Awesome Husband

I always end up dreading Valentine’s Day. The holiday is fine and I enjoyed it before kids – although we never did much to celebrate. Now I have two boys with birthdays on either side of the holiday. To top it off this year, I am room mom in Teague’s class and have to plan a party with crafts and activities. I feel like I have no time/effort for all the cute stuff I see other Mom’s do – decorations at home, heart shaped pancakes, etc. I do try to find fun valentine’s cards for the kids to give their classes. In our last school everyone wanted candy so we just found store bought ones with candy. This school is anti-sugar. You can’t even bring it in and send it home with the kids. I used pinterest (the only way I come up with cute ideas) and looked for non-candy valentines. I saw what I wanted and immediately asked Wade if he could make it. My awesome husband did more than create the file I needed. He print them all, cut them all out, and stapled them all together. (This is 60 valentines – for 3 kids to take to school.) He’s my hero.

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