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Halloween To The Max

What a day! Wade stayed home today to help me out with child-care coordination. I needed to be at Teague’s school all day for his parade and party (somehow I am the only room mother for the class), and Alex gets off the bus an hour before I would get home. The party went great and the kids were adorable!

Then we had a short time at home before it was time for trick or treating! The kids were so excited to visit the houses on our street. Then we ventured to “South Street.” This is a street close to ours that shuts down and puts on a huge block party. Some of the houses have movies, cotton candy, popcorn, etc. It is insanely crowded but a lot of fun.

We didn’t get home till almost 9 and everyone was worn out! We let each child pick one candy and then the rest of the sorting/trading was put off for another day.

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