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New System

Wade and I have been working with Alex for a while on a few behavior issues. We finally decided the best way to tackle it would be a behavior reward system. We created one that lays out his day and our expectations and then leaves room for earning extra rewards as we need things or observe good behavior. Wade brought this game home from Target so it became known as the ball system. Both boys have a color and need to earn about 15 balls in a day to earn a point. The balls can be earned from things like taking a shower, emptying the dishwasher, doing homework, etc – but only if they are done with a good attitude. (They have to be done regardless of the attitude. The ball is only if done without complaint.) I’ve been offering extra balls for good behavior during errands, taking Madison out on a cold morning, going to get me something from another room, etc. So far both boys seem to really respond well. The checklist we provides helps Teague remember everything we want done and helps Alex plan his day (so that his agenda doesn’t get continually messed up with things he has to do). The boys accrue points and can redeem them for all kinds of things – an outing for ice cream, video games after bedtime, a new bike, a trip to the Statue of Liberty. (The necessary number of points depends on the activity.)

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