Grafton - North / Toadfrogs

Trash Theory

Every town we have lived in has quirks, awesome benefits, and annoyances. We were warned by the previous homeowners that trash will only be picked up if it is in the special green bags you buy locally. I thought this was a little strange till I understood the concept behind it. Grafton’s recycling program wasn’t working as well as hoped. Someone came up with the idea of charging per bag of trash instead of a monthly/quarterly trash pick-up fee. It’s genius! When you charge $4.50 for 5 trash bags people are much more conscientious about what they throw away versus what they recycle. The downside here is moving into a new house we have a lot of large, weirdly shaped items that don’t fit in trash bags. We are working our way around those items and buying green trash bags for the rest.

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