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The General Plan

We have a hectic few weeks but that seems to go hand-in-hand with moving. I drove the kids all down to Paducah on Tuesday (6/20). Wednesday morning (6/21), Judy and Jerry arrived early to take Kaitlyn with them to Memphis. She’ll stay until Sunday (6/25). I am spending a few days in Paducah with my Mom and the boys. Then on Saturday morning (6/24) I am taking an early flight to Chicago. Wade will pick me up at the airport and we will immediately start a two day drive to Boston (with the dog and cat). My Dad will get the boys on Saturday evening (6/24) and then take them to Memphis on Sunday (6/25). He’ll pick Kaitlyn up and bring her back to his house for the night. On Monday (6/26), my Mom gets Kaitlyn and will have her all week. Judy and Jerry are driving the boys to Paducah on Friday afternoon (6/30). Wade is flying to Paducah on Friday evening (6/30). Saturday morning (7/1), Wade, Judy, and the kids will begin a two day drive to Boston. (I was rather adamant they had to make it by Sunday so I could see Kaitlyn on her real birthday.)

Did that make sense to everyone? It will be a miracle if everyone ends up where they are supposed to on any given day! While I am in Paducah, Wade is in Barrington overseeing the movers. From what I have heard so far, it is going to be a challenging move. I requested pictures of the house with boxes and he was nice enough to help.

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