Kaitlyn / Toadfrogs / Paducah

The Dress

I was at my Mom’s house about 6 months ago (sometime over summer) and on my bedside table sat a picture I remember well from childhood. The frame has a picture of my older cousin, myself, and my sister all wearing Grandad’s (my Mother’s father) baby dress. On this particular visit the wheels started turning and I asked Mom if she had the dress. I knew Kaitlyn and Mackenzie could still fit in the dress, but I wasn’t sure about Harper. My Mom had no idea what had happened to the dress after my Grandmother died. She checked with my Aunt Beverly and my cousin. Nobody knew what had happened to the dress.

Fast forward to September. My Mom found the dress in a random drawer and over Christmas break I took the pictures. Below are all three great-grandkids in Granddady’s childhood dress.

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