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A Typical Sunday

We went to church, had lunch at home, some of us took naps, we had some iPad time, and some general silliness.

The first UNFORTUNATE INCIDENT occurred when I didn’t make Kaitlyn come upstairs with me to get dressed. The three kids were playing so nicely together I left them alone in the playroom. When I came back downstairs, I found black marker all over my red chair and blue marker all over my couch (which did wash out).

Fast forward to the nap part of the day and the second UNFORTUNATE INCIDENT. I woke up to a horrible smell. Evidently Alex decided to use the timer on the microwave (which he had seen me do) to time his reading. Sadly he didn’t realize there was a different button for Timer and running the microwave. He ran it for 20 minutes.

Then to top things off, Kaitlyn locked herself in the downstairs bathroom for the third UNFORTUNATE INCIDENT. I was cooking dinner and heard her making distressed sounds (but not crying). I kept telling her to come to me. I finally realized the distress was because she couldn’t come to me. I ended up having to take the doorknob off, but we did get her out of the bathroom.
Early bedtime for everyone!!

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