Kaitlyn / Barrington / Wade / Toadfrogs


Teague and Kaitlyn were playing upstairs when I heard a “real” cry from Kaitlyn. I went upstairs to check it out. I found her in her room with the door shut and Teague standing outside in the hallway. I asked him what happened and he couldn’t exactly explain it but it was obvious she got hurt and most likely it was his fault. I opened the door to find small drops of blood. I scooped her up and couldn’t immediately find a source of the blood. I opened her mouth thinking that was the most logical place and then realized it was her foot. Oh her poor foot. Evidently she was in the room and Teague was out and they were fighting over an open door versus a closed door. (Which is why in our our house we aren’t allowed to play with doors.) I’m pretty sure she’s going to loose her big toenail.

After Kaitlyn got calmed down she was really excited to get her first bandaid.

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