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Those darn words. It appears my kids are destined to be late talkers. (See here.) Alex said his first word at 16 months – ball. To keep things interesting, he went ahead and started with sentences and actually said, “I want ball.” I wasn’t too surprised when Kaitlyn wasn’t talking early, but she was always much more vocal than Alex so I didn’t worry. She said her first word “apple” at 16 months. I couldn’t wait for the words to start appearing like crazy after that. Instead that word seemed to disappear. A few weeks later she started saying “opes” for open. That word has consistently stayed and now at 21 months we have a total of 5 words – open, bye, hi, apple (which eventually reappeared), and hot. She will happily attempt to repeat a word when asked, but she uses very few words spontaneously. We have a speech evaluation scheduled for the end of next week so I’ll be curious what they have to say.

In other news, she loves her booster seat in the window. It’s perfect for a quick snack or reading a book.

  1. I just had a speech evaluation for Jack a few months ago as well! We are in the same boat!!

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