Alex / LittleToadfrogs

December 26, 2015


That moment when you realize your son can do multiplication – and nobody really taught him….

Wade got the boys calculators for Christmas – probably their favorite gifts. The calculators will also do math quizzes. I was sitting in the back reading with Alex and he asked me if the calculator would do a multiplication quiz. I said probably so but did he know multiplication. He replied yes and then I proceeded to quiz him. He got every single one right – including some hard ones like 3×3 or 3×4. I finally asked him how he was doing it – (just to make sure he hadn’t memorized something). He said he used other math and explained to me how to use addition. When I asked him who taught him he said he had heard some older kids talking about it and figured it out. (I’m not sure if that part is true but they definitely aren’t teaching it in his class.)

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