Giving It Up

Today ended up being the big day. Kaitlyn gave up her pacifier. I had said it would happen at 10 months. I had said it would be after our two big date nights (Sunday and Monday nights – meaning babysitters). Then this morning happened. For some reason I was extremely tired. I never take a nap when Kaitlyn has her morning nap, but this morning I couldn’t wait for her to get tired. The minute she started rubbing her eyes I put her in her crib. She appeared tired so I covered her up and then went downstairs and snuggled into my bed. I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard her throw her pacifier on the ground (a new game she likes to play – and most of the time I will go get it for her one time). I decided today I wasn’t playing. After fretting for 30 minutes she finally took a 30 minute nap. Her afternoon nap was only an hour (usually 1.5-2 hours) and she fretted for 30 minutes but no pacifier. At bedtime she fretted for 10 minutes with no pacifier and slept her normal 12 hours.

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