Easter morning is always crazy, but this morning was especially crazy. The kids were up and excited to see what the bunny had left!


After letting the kids enjoy their goodies we got everyone ready for church and out the door (no small feat)! Then it was out to an awesome brunch. I was so impressed that it was kid-friendly. There was even a kid-height table with kid-friendly food. It didn’t hurt that the Easter bunny made his way to every table too!

Then we rushed home and attempted a family picture. I knew the sun was bright and everyone was tired, but Wade was flying out in a few hours and I really wanted a picture. These are a sampling of what I got.


Then we went inside to say goodbye to Wade and everyone but Alex took a nap. The sun started to set and I found a shadow in the yard. We went back out for pictures and the boys were bribed with a movie after dinner. Kaitlyn was being fed snacks between each picture. If you look closely you will see that the boys each have a loving hand on her leg. That’s actually to hold her in place. She wanted to crawl to me, but the boys were always able to (somehow!?!) gently hold her down and she would sit for another picture or two before trying it again.

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