Trail End – Day 3

Our first stop this morning was the Independent Stave Company – my favorite by far. This place makes Oak barrels for aging bourbon. We were running a little late and missed the intro to the tour so Wade got a single picture before we were told no pictures allowed. (But seriously – take this tour. Fascinating.)
Then we moved on to Maker’s Mark (with our new friends from the ISC tour). This distillery knows how to give a tour! By this point on the bourbon trail we are pretty familiar with the process of making bourbon but we enjoy comparing the facilities and hearing what makes each place a little different. (At this point I realized my camera battery was dead so Wade and his iPhone are responsible for all pictures.)


Our last stop on the Bourbon Trail was Willet, a very small distillery, but one of my favorites to visit.
It may have been that they have two very friendly cats (named after two of their Bourbon’s – Rowan and Noah) that live in the building or the fact that the family owned business truly has family members everywhere – even the gift shop.



My only request on this trip had been a stop in Louisville to see an old friend. We met up with Edie, a summer roommate, for dinner and talking. Three hours later we said goodnight (and took a quick picture)!

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