Creative Hiding

This house has a wonderful basement. It has an unfinished portion that we use for storage. Then it has a large finished portion with full ceiling height and full size windows that has our TV. There is also a full bathroom and three rooms with doors (none have closets – making them technically unusable as bedrooms). We have turned two of the rooms into offices and one into a playroom. My office is the only room with a window but it also has two large breaker panels – centered right above my desk.
The previous owners cleverly hung a quilt in this spot. I had a vision, but needed Wade’s expertise to custom build it. I wanted a ribbon pin board – but the size I needed made it a little tricky. Wade was nice enough to give me the materials (and the promise of the labor) for Christmas and we finally got some warm enough weather to work in the shop.


The other side of my office is a craft corner. (I have yet to figure out how to photograph it well.) Wade built the ribbon holders (on the right) for me for Christmas and we finally got everything hung this weekend.

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