That Perfect Gift

The perfect gift for Wade has been eluding me all season. Most of the unclaimed items on his list were unattainable – $19,000 CNC etc. Then someone posted a hedgehog on the local swap n shop. Wade has always said he wanted a hedgehog. It’s never appeared on his list but I decided to take a chance. I bought a 6 month old male hedgehog from a teenager about 30 minutes away. The hedgehog came with a cage, blanket, wheel, and food. I was initially keeping it in the guest room, but they tend to be shy creatures and need a lot of handing. The 10 minutes Kailtyn and I gave it a day didn’t seem sufficient. Then this morning I inadvertently saw one of my Christmas gifts – thank you fedex man. I decided it was the perfect time to give Wade’s gift to him early. He was definitely surprised and the boys were ecstatic. We are now owners of a hedgie named Reggie.



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