Missing Piece

My kids love Playmobil. They vary their favorites – but this crane is always one they fight over. The winch also tends to break. We’ve never had any problem ordering the necessary piece. Then our life went crazy last winter/spring. The winch broke and I eventually remembered to order the piece. It came and after a few more weeks I went to put the crane back together. Then I realized I had inadvertently thrown away a tiny important piece. This random white plastic piece sat on my desk for weeks and weeks. Neither Wade nor I could figure out why I had kept it. I threw it away.
Now I realized I needed that small white piece to put the winch back together. I assumed this part would also be easy to replace. However, when I called Playmobil I was told it was not in stock. They recommended I try back in about 6 weeks. I called a couple of times over the next few months. At the beginning of October I decided to try again. The man I talked to was awesome! He told me that they rarely add more stock to parts over 2 years old (this was just over 2 years old). He tried to find a winch or similar piece on another toy that would work, but had no luck. Then he randomly asked me to wait. When he got back on the line he said he had called the warehouse and managed to find the piece. They were shipping it for free. I received it last week and my boys once again have a working crane.


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