Carving Time

Wade and I debated about hosting our Pumpkin Carving Party this year. We finally decided to host and sent out the invitation. After getting a few responses, Teague’s surgery was scheduled over the weekend of the party. I floated changing the date and that seemed to actually work better for some people. Then Amanda invited a few new couples from church. Suddenly we had more than enough people for the party (and just might have had more than ever in Milwaukee). The kids were left to their own devices and loved running around outside and eating all the candy and cookies. The adults talked (and ate) and carved a few pumpkins. Kaitlyn was claimed by Katie and then Jill until she finally had to go to bed. Impressively she slept through the loudest parts of the party and a few little boys going into her room, turning on the lights, and then running out. We took the group photo early before a few families had to leave but we had people well past dark. Wade even equipped the little ones with flashlights for continued play outside. (Note the bandage on Wade’s hand – he managed to break his hand earlier this week.)






And what night is complete without a “cheers” by 3 year olds?

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