The Surprise

My sister asked me last spring if I would be interested in helping her plan a surprise 70th birthday party for Mom. I said yes, but my help might be minimal due to the baby. Melissa did most of the work and planned an awesome party! She arranged for one of Mom’s good friends, Carolyn, to take her shopping and “out to lunch” on her birthday (today). After a little shopping, the plan was to run by Carolyn’s daughter-in-law’s house so she could join them for lunch too. Instead Mom found about 40 people on the back patio wishing her a happy birthday. My cousin from DC, Heather, flew in just for the party. Two of Mom’s college roommates made road trips to attend and numerous other people were able to take off work. Most amazing of all is that everyone kept the secret. My Mom was completely shocked (and delighted).









A few funny stories from the day.
1.) Carolyn called to subtly hint that Mom should dress up a little. Mom’s response, “I have on a big comfortable shirt. It’s my birthday and I’m not changing.”
2.) Carolyn took her to TJ Maxx (a normal stop for them) before the party. Then she couldn’t get Mom to leave because she was texting me to see if the boys’ needed new coats. She had found some cute ones in their sizes.
3.) Several of her friends had helped throw her off by delivering birthday presents the day before because they wouldn’t see her on her birthday or discussing celebrating her birthday next week because of conflicts this week.

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