Counting Teeth

It’s been six months so I had to find the boys a new dentist. We loved our awesome pediodontist in Milwaukee and I didn’t hold out much hope for finding one as kid friendly without driving to the heart of Kansas City. I was wrong. We found an awesome one about 20 minutes away (as close as anything gets to us) – Dentistry for Children. My pictures don’t show their awesome decorating and kid-friendly activity centers all over the building. The boys were excited to go. (Mostly I think Alex wanted to show off his loose teeth and Teague was excited because of Alex.) The boys were cooperative, well-behaved (probably because of the tv in the room), and can’t wait to go back. Unfortunately, they decided to take x-rays of both kids.

There was nothing surprising in Alex’s x-ray (loose front teeth with permanent ones behind and his discolored tooth on top). Teague’s x-rays were full of surprises. His teeth are really close together so I wasn’t too surprised that he had a cavity between the top two front teeth (we aren’t good about flossing), but I didn’t expect to get a referral to an oral surgeon. The x-ray also showed that Teague has an extra set of permanent teeth, upside down, and between his upper front baby teeth and his permanent teeth. The dentist said we wouldn’t worry about filling the cavity until we consulted with a surgeon about how/when to remove the extra teeth (probably by removing the baby teeth too). I spent all afternoon trying to find an oral surgeon that would see a 3.5 year old. Evidently they are pretty firm on seeing only 5 years old and up – even for just a consultation. I finally found one and I can’t wait to hear what is suggested for Teague after our appointment.

  1. Rotten luck, T <3

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