Is It Me?

In our last two houses, Wade and I have both wanted to move the garbage disposal to a different location. In our last house it was from the small middle section to the deep left side. In this house it was from the shallower right to the deeper left. Is it weird that I want the disposal on the deeper side? That is where I find myself scrubbing/soaking/etc. That of course means that then there are more food particles on that side. Regardless my awesome husband moved it for me today and it only took two trips to the local hardware store.

  1. It’s not just you! I don’t get having the disposal in the small part either. Of course, when we redid the kitchen of the place where we live now, we got a prep sink in the island, so we just made the main sink one large, oversized sink, with a disposal in both. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it – it was hard to break the image in my head that it needed to have two sides, but I LOVE it.

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