New House

When we sold our house I immediately felt stress-free. When we sold our house, Wade immediately became stressed about buying a house. He spent last weekend checking out houses and had one he was super excited to show me. I drove down and spent yesterday with the realtor. Wade met us at his favorite house and I had to agree – it was pretty much perfect. We ended up with the owner’s contact information (which rarely happens and is Wade’s dream) and Wade spent a while talking to the man last night. Today we submitted an offer on the property. The owner immediately called Wade to thank him for his generous offer and to discuss one of our contingencies – a riding lawn mower. The owner is moving to a smaller property and will no longer need it. This house is on 5 acres and our push lawn mower will definitely not be sufficient. The man told Wade it was one of his worst purchases and he couldn’t let someone else have it in good faith. He asked Wade to lower his offer and submit it again. (Is this guy awesome or what?) The contracts are signed and we have a house!

  1. Congrats on the new home. It’s absolutely lovely and lots and lots of room for the boys to play!!!!! Very exciting stuff.

  2. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to read more about it and see your list of projects!

  3. WOW! it’s lovely!!! just let us know when you’re ready for visitors!

  4. Love it!! Congratulations!!!

  5. Hurray!!! That’s so great! And how nice that you got to talk to the owner and really get some good info!

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