A couple about our age was sitting next to us in the stands today. About five minutes after we sat down, the girl asked me when I was due. I have to admit the question startled me. There is no hiding my baby bump (at 6 months) but it also doesn’t scream pregnancy. There is still that slight doubt about just carrying my weight in my tummy. After talking to her a few minutes I understood – she is 9 weeks pregnant with her first and dying to talk babies. It turns out we had all kinds of things in common – her name is Holly too. I’m not sure I have ever enjoyed the games quite as much. I could watch as much basketball as I wanted and then also chat and talk when I needed a break. Wade was probably equally happy to have someone else to entertain me.
Due to some of the fans sitting near us, we got all kinds of attention from the UK mascot. I took these pictures for my boys.


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