Monster Of A Birthday

The boys and I woke up early (in this case meaning before Wade) to make breakfast for Daddy. Then we got out the party hats and had muffins in bed. (I didn’t really think this through beforehand and ended up having to change the sheets due to the mass of crumbs.) The boys couldn’t wait to have their present open and I think Wade was pleasantly surprised with our tickets to the Monster Truck Jam. (If you recall from years past Wade has actually requested to go.)

We had Wade’s choice dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. Then we got ready for the Monster Trucks. Both boys were excited and knew they needed their ear protection. Imagine my surprise when we got to our seats and they were front row (thank you “best seat” finder). Our seats were very loud and a little dusty, but fantastic for seeing every detail! Teague watched 90% of the show with his hands covering his eyes and peeking out, but he wouldn’t have left if we had begged him.



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