Day Of Festivities

We were enjoying a lazy Saturday morning when one of Wade’s co-workers sent him a text asking if we were at the METCO Christmas Brunch yet. We had completely forgotten about it but we quickly got everyone ready and out the door. This event is fantastic for children. There are crafts, games, pictures, and Santa with gifts for each child! This year featured a new addition – the world’s best balloon-animal-maker. I have never seen someone combine balloons and create the type of animals this man could create – Rudolph, monkey in a tree, octopus, turtle, etc. Teague asked for a blue Lighting McQueen and imagine my surprise when the man made one and an awesome one at that!


Then we had to prepare for neighborhood Christmas/Friendsgiving dinner. We drew names this year and bought a family gift. Alex loved that our gift contained a ton of new Christmas books – someone knows us pretty well!




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