An Eel

At the end of last swim class, Alex was told he was ready for the next level – Eels. I have no idea why this caused him so much excitement, but he has been begging for swim lessons. I finally signed him up the day before classes began. There was a single Eel class (out of 5) that had an opening. It wasn’t my preferred time/day, but I signed him up. It turns out to have been perfect. The class only has two boys (the normal is 4-6). It’s basically a private swim class. Alex loves the class and his teacher. Instead of having to beg/bribe/etc to get him there he asks me daily if it is the day for swim lessons. Crazy the change in a summer…


He has only had two lessons and is already in the big pool learning backstroke and practicing breath stroke without assistance (meaning no adult or no kickboard).

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