A Day With Gram

Alex and Teague have been so excited to see Gram. Alex even convinced Gram to sleep with him in the bunk beds last night. (Gram’s a sucker for a cute little boy!) She had bought a big bag of oranges and let the boys make fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast. (Then we had to explain to both boys that the pulp wasn’t “Yuckies”. Pulp and sippy cups don’t mix so they’ve never had orange juice with pulp before.)
Then we headed to the park to feed the ducks. The ducks were in hiding and we found geese, which turned out to be a good thing. The geese had much better manners than the ducks and would calmly wait for the bread. The boys even met a nice family that ended up sharing their bread after we ran out.

After nap Gram surprised the boys with a lemonade stand. Alex had a blast pouring and Teague loved drinking – what a pair! The boys managed to leave a little lemonade for Aunt Lissy and Harper. One of Gram’s neighbor’s even came by in her shiny red convertible and took the kids for a drive around the block.



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