A New Sublevel

We took swim lessons last summer and I meant to sign Alex up for some during the fall and then during the winter and then during the spring, but it just never happened. He got in the pool this summer and is at an entirely new level. (Maybe not with swimming exactly but with his comfort in the water.) He wants to wear goggles constantly and I thought it was just a phase. Then he starts telling me that the floor of the pool looks like our garage floor because it has speckles with little dots. It blew me away that he was actually using the goggles to look around! He loves to move around with his head under water. Last year in swim lessons he learned to “bob” and it was a huge accomplishment when both his nose and mouth went in the water at the same time. Now I have gotten used to only seeing the top of his head.
Swim lessons start in a few weeks and I’ll be curious what he thinks.

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