Birthday Boy!

It’s birthday time again! Today is Teague’s second birthday! We had his two “big” presents (one from us and one from my mom) put together and waiting for him when he woke up. The minute he saw the car his eyes lit up. Then we had our traditional birthday muffins before heading off to school.

We spent the evening celebrating! First it was cake and ice cream with the neighbors.


Then it was time for presents. Alex had a hard time letting Teague do it on his own, but we finally got that worked out. Cars were a pretty common theme, which just happens to be one of Teague’s favorite things!


  1. In the 12th picture from the top, it looks like there is some space at the foot of ldaedr and I can see many people are standing. Is there some seashore where people can stand? I see some brownish part in the big picture of Jukdo. I’m curious if there is some space at the shore not on the top of the island. Anyway, looking at the picture of the ldaedr, the rock cliff doesn’t seem to be impossible to climb at all to me.

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