A First – Night Road Trip

Alex’s Point of View:

Teague’s Point of View:

Wade decided this year we should try driving at night. We left around 4 pm and had high hopes that the boys would sleep the majority of the drive. The first few hours were fine. Teague held his car like a stuffed animal and Alex “read” books and watched TV. We stopped for an early dinner and put the boys in their pajamas. Teague went to sleep immediately and Alex was allowed one last episode of Jake and Neverland Pirates (his new favorite thing). About the time it was finishing, Teague woke up screaming. Nothing would console him (this happens occasionally even at home) so we gave Alex some headphones and drove a little further. After about 20 minutes we decided to stop and give everyone a break. At this point we decided it was Christmas and gave up on anyone sleeping. We put Cars in and Teague for the first time ever was interested in a movie. He looked at the screen and kept saying, “Cars. Go. Go. Cars.” After about 30 minutes he fell asleep. Alex was content to stay awake until we reached Gram’s house at midnight.

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