Doctors And Dentists

We had Teague’s eye doctor appointment today. Thankfully they didn’t try to repeat the entire eye exam they did last time, but they did answer lots of questions. My first question was what does the “congenital fibrosis of extra ocular muscles” mean in regards to Teague’s day-to-day life in the future. The doctor looks at me and in all seriousness says, “Well, he will never fly a commercial airline jet.” I’m okay with that. His actual vision is fine. At this age they can’t really determine 20/20, but they don’t see any farsightedness or nearsightedness. Teague should be able to read, drive a car, and go through life like anyone else. With this exam he was able to determine that Teague can move his eyes a little inwards and a little downwards. He can not move his eyes up and very little outwards.
I had some questions about the surgery and the doctor had all the answers. There will be no scars. They actually go in through/around the eye. The surgery is a day surgery and only tylenol is needed afterwards. I knew the purpose of the first surgery was to align the eyes, but I thought he was only trying to move the eyes from pointing inward. I hadn’t realized he was also going to raise them up. This will make a huge difference in how Teague appears to others – especially after his eyelid surgery is done in a few years.
After Teague’s appointment I had a dentist appointment. On Sunday I suddenly developed a constant, low-grade throb in my one of my upper molars. I called on Monday and the earliest the dentist could see me was Wednesday. Thankfully my Mom had told me that aspirin really works on tooth pain – she was right! The dentist looked at my x-rays and told me there was nothing there. He asked me a bunch of questions, hesitated a while, and then wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic. Evidently my mouth pain plus the congestion I have had for a few weeks most likely means a sinus infection – my first one. I had no idea.

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