We have noticed that Teague has very well defined thigh muscles. Then we noticed that he squats – a lot. He never actually sits down in the bathtub, but squats for the entire bath. He often plays that way and today I realized he was doing it in the shower too. I have no idea if it is cultural or just Teague, but it’s kind of cute.

  1. Hi it’s Wade’s high school friend, Amy : ) Congratulations on such a beautiful new son! I just wanted to share that the squatting is definitely cultural. One of my great friends is married to a lady from South Korea- was married many years before I met them. Anyway, squatting is a very common way of doing many tasks there, and much more relaxing than we would think over here- where squatting is kind of painful- haha. She even moved all of her food preparations for dinner onto the floor and prepared the meal while squatting!

  2. Cultural Morgan does it a lot too 🙂

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