Boo Boos, Voting, And Legos

What a day we had! The boys took a shower this morning and there was some slipping. Teague fell down and hit the corner of our built-in shelf. The cut was tiny and didn’t really bleed, but the area was immediately red, purple, and puffy. We finished getting ready and took Alex to school. Then Teague and I met up with Nicki and Amber to walk over to vote. We played outside a little after that and then headed home for lunch and nap.

Wade had an activity with the youth at church tonight so I had special plans for Alex. The Lego store does a free mini-build once a month. There are 250 kits and it is first come, first serve. If I had realized it would also require 2 hours of waiting in line, I probably would not have mentioned it. Alex waited in line like a pro and only complained once. Teague sat in his stroller relatively well and ate the pile of snacks I thankfully brought. The kit was for a turkey, which was awesome, but very complex. I was told this was unusual and normally they are quite simple. In the end we got the turkey built and Alex was thrilled.

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