The Gym And Halloween

I attempted kidCare at the gym this week with the boys. The first time was Monday and Teague walked right in with Alex. I spent the first twenty minutes waiting for someone to come get me and they didn’t. Today we tried it again. Teague cried as I left, but stopped after a few minutes (according to the girls when I went to pick up the boys). Then we went to Swiss Turner Gym for the boys.

After lunch and naps we got ready for Trick or Treating! We repeated last year’s tradition of jack o’lantern pizza at Amber’s before heading out for treats. Teague was content to ride in the wagon with mittens and a blanket. Alex had a lot of fun going door to door but did have a little trouble walking. Next year we are definitely going to have a costume that allows for easy movement – of all kinds! After about five houses, Alex was ready to go home. I thought he was cold, but he really just wanted to check out his goodies. Overall we managed about an hour of trick or treating.

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