Granny And Pop

Alex couldn’t wait for Granny and Pop to arrive yesterday. He has kept them in constant motion. His two favorite games are to move “chicargo” into his rocket ship bed (which requires Granny to get up in the bed) and to chase bad guys with flashlights (when they are caught they are flushed down the toilet).

Granny and Pop were nice enough to watch Alex while Teague had his first doctor’s appointment. We started at the International Adoption Clinic at Children’s Hospital. Teague had quite the audience with a doctor, nurse, resident, and psychologist attending. They did a routine exam and then scheduled a bunch of standard appointments (hearing test, vision test, lab work, and a visit to Teague’s pediatrician). We went ahead to the lab and that was a disaster. I knew it wouldn’t go well, but it required two nurses and three different needle sticks – poor boy!

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