US Approval

While I am in Paducah, Wade is in Milwaukee working on projects. The big one is Alex’s new rocket ship bed, but there are a ton of others we want completed before we bring Teague home. When I talked to Wade tonight I asked him if we’d gotten a letter from Homeland Security. (It turns out he hadn’t checked the mail in days.) He went to the mailbox and there it was! We now have US approval to bring Teague home. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was reading (it is a government letter) so he sent me a picture so I could read it too. Our timeline now looks like this:
1. Accept referral – 3/5/12
2. Receive legal papers from Korea – 4/12/12 (and a missing paper on 6/20/12)
3. Send legal papers to State of WI – 6/20/12
4. Receive approval from State of WI – 6/28/12
5. Send legal papers and approval from State to US Immigration – 7/1/12
6. Receive US immigration approval – 7/27/12
7. Submitted for EP in Korea – 6/20/12
8. EP approved – 7/4/12
9. Visa medical exam – 7/5/12
10. NVC in –
11. NVC out –
12. P3 –
13. Visa Interview –
14. Travel Call –
I added a few more minor steps, but they should be completed in days. The big question now is how long before we get our travel call. We are desperately hoping Wade can make his trip to China, but Teague will always rank higher in my book!

  1. Congrats…how long will yall be in Korea?

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