Celebrating With Neighbors

We tend to spend most of July 4th with neighbors and today was no exception. We started the day with the Brookfield Parade with the Strouds and Rhynes. It was incredibly hot but Alex wanted to stay to the end – even after all of his friends left. The parade throws candy (and popsicles) and this is the first year Alex really wanted to collect. The boys next to us were so nice in not grabbing it all and making sure Alex got his share (unprompted by their mom).

We all went home to cool off. Then it was time for a cookout in our backyard with the Strouds, Rhynes, and Buchmans. We had the food inside with the pool and corn hole outside.

Everyone went home to put away food and put babies to bed. Then we met up again for fireworks. The boys loved running around and playing “hugging”. Riley was not excited about the fireworks and wanted to leave before they began. Alex kept telling him it would be fine. The minute the fireworks started Alex freaked out and hid under the blanket – we left shortly thereafter.

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