Dinosaurs Go Roar!

While taking Alex to MDO this morning, Amber asked us if we’d like to go to the Zoo’s Member appreciation night for the dinosaur exhibit. I called Wade and he said sure. Alex was obviously listening and asked about our plans. Then we got to talking about dinosaurs. I tried to explain that we would see pretend dinosaurs because all of the real ones died a long time ago. Obviously I didn’t do a good job of explaining. By the time we got to school, he had his lower lip out and tears in his eyes because the dinosaurs were all dead. I took him to his new class (for summer session) and he immediately went to the table that had dinosaurs on it. I gave his teachers a heads up about our conversation and told them “good luck”. His teachers did great! When I picked him up he was telling me all about the dinosaurs and how they aren’t alive anymore but there are bones.

  1. What is the thing the zookeeper is holding in the 3rd picture?

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